Mobile Network Operator

  • Operator integrates Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform with their BSS in order to provide a seamless IOT Service to their customers
  • When a new SIM gets activated, Mobile Core triggers an API to vitalpointz cloud IoT platform
  • Tenant Infra gets provisioned automatically, if tenant is new
  • Device is on-boarded, auto provisioned, S/W rolled out if needed.

IOT & Cloud Computing

  • IOT Platforms are Cloud Hosted
  • IOT growth will drive Cloud Computing
  • Due to GDPR, Non-USA companies not aligning with Big-4 USA Data-centers
  • Oppty to partner and evolve into IOT Cloud Company

Cloud / IaaS Provider

  • IOT is an High-Growth use-case that can drive CSP/IaaSP Revenues
    • Compute, Network I/O & Storage
  • CSP /IaaSP provides:
    • IaaS layer
    • Server, Storage and Network services
  • Vitalpointz provides:
    • IOT Cloud Platform software
    • IOT Systems & Application Expertise
  • Vitalpointz Cloud Platform transforms any Infra provider a IOT player


Network Equipment Makers

    • Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform Agent Gateway Edition (VESPA-G) is a full functional operating system derived from Open WRT
    • VEPSAG supports wide variety of edge devices such as Wifi Access points, ADSL routers etc
    • With VESPa in Gateway
    • VESPAG supports BLE devices, convert them to MQTT messages before forwarding them to VESP platform.
    • With VESPAG, workload can be migrated to gateway – closer to devices; reducing cloud resource cost
    • VESPAG in combination with VESP platform enables Edge computing.
    • Workload can be migrated to gateway – closer to devices; reduce cloud resource cost
    • Thus VESP enables Edge computing

Device , Sensor Manufacturer

  • Using our factory image of Vitalpointz Edge Service Platform Agents(VESPA), device manufacturers can ship their things, sensors directly to end customers
  • When the device/sensor is powered up and connects to internet, the VESP platform discovers them and provides IOT services such as device management, Over the Air updates, Flow layer etc
  • VESPA supports variety of controllers and processors.