Vitalpointz Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program enables Vitalpointz and its partners to develop and deliver proven solutions by providing tools and resources to test, integrate, and package joint products.

The TAP is a scalable means to advance, stable and supported integrations (SDK, API, Plugins etc) that allow Vitalpointz products – VESP & VESPA & Mobile App capabilities to reach deeper and wider into customer IoT Applications.

Technology Alliance Partners

Vitalpointz has partnered and integrated Cloudflare Spectrum offering to secure and protect IoT Device flows using the MQTT protocol (TCP Port 1883/or Custom-defined Port) and S-MQTT protocol (TCP Port 8883 or Custom-defined Port). With Spectrum, you can extend the power of Cloudflare’s DDoS, TLS, and IP Firewall to IoT Device flows, keeping them private and secure. More info at Cloudflare.

DigitalOcean, Inc is a cloud infrastructure provider that provisions virtual servers for software developers. Headquartered in New York City, Digital Ocean has data centers worldwide. Vitalpointz IOT Core is available on Digital Ocean’s 1-Click Marketplace. More Info at DigitalOcean

PulseSecure is focused on delivering secure access solutions for people, devices, things and services. Enterprises of every size and industry have been trusting PulseSecure’s integrated virtual private network, network access control and mobile security solutions to enable secure access seamlessly in their organizations. More Info at Pulse Secure

Plixer provides a network and security intelligence platform that centrally collects multi-dimensional telemetry from existing infrastructure as well as private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. The platform delivers actionable data to guide you from the detection of network and security events all the way to root-cause analysis and mitigation.  Learn more at Plixer.

Tambora Systems’s solution enables MNOs and content/application providers to generate additional revenue through guaranteed QoE, for video and other traffic, including IoT traffic over any network, with no additional CAPEX or OPEX. More info at Tambora Systems’s

Gulf Wireless City has committed itself to bringing innovative solutions to create comfort to its telecom & enterprise customers in Bahrain. With expertise in local regulations combined with its vast experience in telecom technologies put GWC in the forefront. More info at gwc