Today we are excited to announce our latest release i.e., v 1.2.0 of vitalpointz IoT Core Lite, where we are introducing a simplified manner to deploying IOT applications.

Application development on a cloud Platform often meant spinning up virtual machine or a cluster, then bring in databases, language and various stack containers and developing your IoT business logic on top of that. Once developed, deploying them is a different problem altogether.

Vitalpointz IoT Core Platform removes the mundane and routine steps and greatly simplifies the development process for the developers and allows them to develop and deploy easily and quickly. The Platform hosts all major language, databases and stack containers for ready deployment. Python, Node JS, Maria DB, redis and Influx DB are some of the oft-used containers. This versatility enables portability of your IoT app across public and private clouds without the need for any underlying dependency and lock-in to any cloud provider.

Developer can spin up a container with a click of a button, SSH to the container, bring their own code either using git or copy pasting the code. They can do all these while debugging with live IoT data from their own devices, without leaving the Web UI!! Once development and testing process is completed, the container can be committed to local registry as a new image. New immutable container(s) can be spun up from the local image to deliver the use case.

When the container is spun up, the services in it can be exposed over a public domain URL. Developer need not worry about the reverse proxy, setting up sub domain, getting the cert and keeping it updated etc. All these are done automatically. This minimizes developer efforts and allows them to focus only on the business logic.

Monitoring and managing the deployed containers are all easy with simple point and click menus.

This feature is rolling out in our latest release i.e., v 1.2.0 of vitalpointz IoT Core Lite. Check it out in Digital Ocean’s Marketplace