We recently announced General Availability of our Secure IoT Core on Digital Ocean public cloud, offered across eight countries / twelve regions, thereby allowing IoT developers, to instantiate their own IoT Platform instances, with one-click. Secure IoT-Core provides device authentication, user authentication, device certificate management, device control, over the air software updates, device flow processing, alerts and notifications. For more details: https://twitter.com/digitalocean/status/1134165226918744064/photo/1

With the continued exponential growth in the deployment of IoT devices, the total devices will pretty soon far outnumber the Mobile and Desktop devices. Proportionally 50B IoT Devices v/s 7B Web/Mobile devices. Accordingly, the number of MQTT/S-MQTT sessions that will hit the Cloud, will eventually be much larger in number than the HTTP/HTTPS sessions. Envisioning this scale of the IoT Device Flow growth, we are excited to partner with Cloudflare and integrate Spectrum to secure and protect IoT Device flows using the MQTT protocol (TCP Port 1883/or Custom-defined Port) and S-MQTT protocol (TCP Port 8883 or Custom-defined Port). With Spectrum, you can extend the power of Cloudflare’s DDoS, TLS, and IP Firewall to IoT Device flows, keeping them private and secure.

“Cloudflare is focused on helping to build a better Internet, and this can’t happen without securing IoT in a scalable way,” said Chris Merritt, Chief Revenue Officer at Cloudflare. “Through our partnership with Vitalpointz, customers can securely onboard IoT devices, regardless of where they are in the world ”.

Vitalpointz is bringing innovation in IoT & Edge Computing technologies to enable Industry 4.0, the upsurge of new Digital industrial technology. Vitalpointz portfolio includes a comprehensive set of IoT developer tools ranging from IoT Device Agents, a Cloud platform and mobile/web apps that spans Apple IOS and Android OS, facilitating quick IoT service creation in massive and secure IOT deployments. For more info visit https://vitalpointz.io/