Vitalpointz is bringing innovation in IoT & Edge Computing technologies to enable Industry 4.0, the upsurge of new digital industrial technology. Vitalpointz portfolio includes a comprehensive set of IoT developer tools ranging from IoT Device Agents, a Cloud platform and mobile/web apps that spans Apple IOS and Android OS, that facilitate quick IoT service creation, massive and secure IOT deployments.

Today, I am excited to announce the general availability of our product , called “vitalpointz IoT-Core Lite” on DigitalOcean’s Marketplace, to enable secure on-boarding & managing of IoT Devices. Over the next 3 years, there are expected to be over 50 Billion connected IoT devices and so, IoT Security is of paramount importance. Furthermore, “Secure IoT-Core” provides device authentication, user authentication, device certificate management, device control, over the air software updates, device flow processing, alerts and notifications.

DigitalOcean Marketplace is a focused ecosystem of partner-built 1-Click Apps – pre-configured software and infrastructure stacks running in the cloud.  IoT developers can get quickly off-the-ground with our IoT Core by  focussing on  on-boarding devices, implementing  IoT Business logic, prototyping and bringing it to market instead of spending time and efforts on building MQTT/ REST Services and  building comprehensive security strategy for IoT devices, data and applications etc. DigitalOcean Marketplace allows IoT developers to instantiate their own IOT Platform instance in a minute in any of the eight countries/twelve regions.

“As developers and small- and mid-sized businesses turn to modern apps to power their latest projects, we want to help make app creation easier from start to finish, By building upon DigitalOcean’s Developer Cloud to simplify infrastructure, Vitalpointz IoT Core Lite provides developers and teams with a secure way to onboard and scale IoT devices in just one click.” Nick Wade, Head of Ecosystem and Marketplace.

Look for ‘vitalpointz IOT Core Lite’ under Marketplace of DigitalOcean control panel. If You are new to DigitalOcean, signing up using this link will give you free credit of $50 for 30 days. You can stand-up ‘vitalpointz IOT Core Lite’ with as small as 2Core,4GB Droplet. vitalpointz IOT Core Lite comes packed with 1024 device licenses.

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