Today in the era of Cloud Computing it is all about applications and the ability to develop and host applications in the cloud. To that effect, in order to extract value of the huge investments, Data-center operators are striving to move up the stack, from offering “basic raw services” (BRS) like Co-location, Web-hosting & Basic compute (Virtual Machines, Containers), to offering Platform services (PAAS), that will enable application developers to create Software-as-a-Service apps.

Vitalpointz is creating a scalable Edge Services Platform (VESP) for enabling IOT services that encapsulates “NB-IOT/LTE-M/5G Traffic Mgmt“, “IOT PAAS” & “IOT Security” by enabling a distributed cloudlet/Fog model, that fosters development of new, smaller, but lot of diverse private edge compute clusters across geographies. Evolve your Data-Center to service IOT PAAS functions.