– Vitalpointz IOT Edge Computing Platform – “3G/LTE/5G Traffic Mgmt, IOT PAAS, IOT Security”

The next wave of investments will be in the Industrialized Internet (IIOT), Smart Cities converting their existing liabilities into assets, 5G Mobile Internet, & Central Offices Re-architected as Data-Centers (CORDs), & Connected Cars. All of these will require Low-Latency, Real-time Computing resourses. We envisage a new type of Cloud system that is modelled after popular room rental service Airbnb. Our solution will enable any 3rd party small data centers/or Campus Computing, to be part of the global clouds (AWS, AZURE, GCP et al) that offers a unique value that existing cloud model cannot offer – Low Latency, Content Mobility and Simultaneous Federation.

Vitalpointz is creating a scalable Edge Computing Platform for enabling IOT services that encapsulates “3G/LTE/5G Traffic Mgmt“, “IOT PAAS” & “IOT Security” by enabling a distributed cloudlet/Fog model, that fosters development of new, smaller, but lot of diverse private edge compute clusters across geographies. One of our innovation is “VAFE” – our patent pending vitalpointz applications fork engine is designed in the VNF model, is portable and can be deployed on any hardware as bare metal (x.86, New Programmable Silicon), hypervisor (KVM, VMware) or containers.